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Test post

I’ve been having problems with posts being visible BUT I THINK IT’S NOW FIXED

Fingers crossed


Last post from Pigeon Bank Creek till I return

pbcTomorrow morning I will be in Tokyo negotiating my way to Shinjinku. It will be around 5 degrees and maybe some rain.

I’m flying to Sydney at 7:00PM QF462  and then taking the QF21 to Narita, arriving at 6:10AM Japan time which two hours behind Melbourne time.

After two nights I will be heading toShiKoKu by ferry. Its an overnight trip.

So goodbye to PBC for the moment and konichiwah to Nihon.

six sleeps to go

photoI started getting nervous about this trip yesterday, I don’t know why I just did.

Started contemplating the journey I suppose.What might happen, what might not and all that rubbish.

The extremely hot weather we’re experiencing in Melbourne hasn’t helped at all and there is more to come with high 30s temperatures forecast for the weekend, 

Luckily the temperature will drop on Sunday and will be cooler in Melbourne.

What is funny the band of temps in Japan seems to be rising while Europe absolutely freezes with minus 13 in Helsinki and minus six in London.

I can only guess what is going to happen as I meditate on the universe I can see from the outdoor sofa at PBC.

13 days and packing

p-640-480-7cd1bf11-a998-4a5d-89ec-97be8c4a72d6113 days and packing my new suitcase.

Decided that the backpack would be too heavy to lug around. Yes, I’m getting older and using “the wheel” may not be a bad idea. A wheeled suitcase seems like a better option especially as I’ll be on the road for 2 months. 

So over the past couple of days I went looking for the said animal. Starting in the local shopping centre and finally moving further a field I finally settled on the Antler Tronic Z500 with the TSA (fixed) Combination Zip Lock. You beaut ! 

So I decanted the backpack and packed my new TSA 007 equipped suitcase. Chose my usual combination number and locked it.

Great I thought, neat finish too! Now I will unlock it and repack, hang on !

It won’t open.

Yep,  it was true somehow I must have put in a different combination than I thought. Maybe worse. There a thousand combinations in a 3 digit lock and I didn’t know which one I needed. I started trying to look at logically, fish around close to the number I thought it was. No luck. 

Then I started Googling, it had all happened before, I could tell. But no luck. There is no “killer app” to fix forgotten or mistaken TSA combination numbers. Its just a slow trudge through all the possible combinations – all 1000 of ’em.

And that’s if you know how the lock opens even with the correct combo.

Four and half hours later I finally hit the jackpot.  The number was a bit off the mark, “a miss is as good as a mile” but not knowing how it unlatched was the trick that made the difference. 

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