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yuki des……………in Matsue

The garden at Adachi at first seems to be a disappointment after the hype. It looks like some kind of mini-golf place attached to a truck stop on a highway. You know the style a big carpark, a souveir shop and an attraction like
A big banana or such, a garden in this case.

However this was no mini-golf franchise, as you entered the garden you knew this is not the big banana.

Instead it was the most beautiful garden created against the backdrop of neighbouring and distant hills. The man who created it in this small town of his birth brought with him a lifetime of knowledge and skill. You mostly view the garden spaces rather than walk through them. There are however places where you step out into the cold and walk little tracks to view some feature.


Later in the afternoon I took a narrow motorised boat through the canals and moats that surround Matsue-jo castle. You have to duck down low as the boat negotiates under bridges (bashi) along the way, the skipper sang folk songs as she steered the boat along the waterways. There was a table in the centre of the boat over which went a warm blanket and under there was a heater.

I went to the pasta factory in the evening and greatly enjoyed the pasta and french red. There were a few people there from Canada, NZ and Korea enjoying a birthday party.

This morning I woke in the minshiku and on sliding back the shoji to view the day I saw snow (yuki) falling between the river and the minshiku. It was a stunning sight too see.

Matsue will always be something special for me, warm people, mouth-watering food and postcard sights.


To Matsue…… another world

Matsue des. From Kyoto to take the Shinkensen to Okayama and then the Yakumo Rapid Express through the shintaro hills and mountains down to the coast.

The Yakumo wends through the pine covered mountains along the river valleys passing little hamlets with houses surrounded by gohan paddies and awaiting the plantings. I think J.R. Tolkien would be at home here for sure.

Boys playing baseball on the un-sown gohan paddocks, pitching their very best shot to each other. It’s maybe the flattest place in the district to play on and only in that interlude between winter and early spring when its dry enough to stand on that they get the chance. The rest of the time its waterlogged or snow covered, passed a snow covered peak, it might have been Dai Sen Yura looked like a picture with snow right down the sides.

Had another great minshiku meal here in Matsue, seafood is the speciality. Tempura, crab, saishimi and veges !

The sunset on the lake was snapped by scores of very keen picture takers.

Everything is a few minutes away here in Matsue and friendly too.