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Kyoto in Lent

Kyoto’s Ginkaku-ji temple garden is my favourite. The silver temple was closed due to renovations but the magical garden walk still makes it worth to trouble in getting there across town from the Roanji and Golden temples.

I bought the ¥500 all day bus ticket which is a great fare saver because each separate fare is ¥220 and it’s multiple trips to any of these sight -seeing places. If you get the schematic for the bus routes combined with the Kyoto map you will have much to see in Kyoto, the capital of Japan.

From Ginkaku-ji you can walk the path of philosophy nearly all the way to Gion and the hundreds of delicious eating houses along the river and in laneways. Practice your Nihongo first though or look for eigo/french menus.

The food is very good, the variety and sheer number of cafés would stagger people from Melbourne which in Australia is renowed for the number of cafés and eating places. Its staggering food and shopping aplenty.

That’s why this Lent I’m giving up Australian food till after the anniversary of the Easter Rising.


Kyoto san

Kyoto is the most beautiful place you can imagine. However, it is not a place that slaps you in the face with its charm. It is hidden and reveals itself to you in bite sized chunks over time.

Last night I walked along a creek path that runs parallel to the main river. At first it was along an old factory area and gradually it opened up into Gion district and all the buzzle of that area. I stopped at little cafe, efish. They made american style food like clam chouder and BLTs. They served it with wine. The river flowed by the window. They also had an english language school on the premises. The setting was Kyoto style. http://www.shinproducts.com

The next evening I ate the Kansai pancake special, okomenyaki at a small place in Gion I’d been to before with Hitomi and friends in 2004. It hadn’t changed and the food ………. oiishi des

Making plans for Matsue today, might be a bit of a tricky travel plan to get to there and Hagi, should be fun though.

35 days and riding the wave

alex_2Today I received two surprize emails. One from Tim who produces the Kyoto podcast.


I maybe catching up with Tim in Tokyo

The other email I received was from my old friend Leon who I have not seen in a lifetime and who has been living in Paris all this time.

The last time I saw Leon was at a party in Sydney when I was about twenty. Anyway we are going to meet up in Paris and fill in a lifetime of news. Leon took this grainy image of me surfing at Manly when I was seventeen or so.

So I feel things are coming together!