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Kurushiki…………..as fresh as tomorrow!

Sitting down to eat the udon noodles in the laneway off the main canal street in Kurushiki was a delight.

Kurushiki is wonderful small city 17 km from Okayama. There is an old merchant / warehouse area centred on a canal system that used transport food and goods around the city and out to ships to other parts of Japan and the world.

Today it’s a tourist quarter that houses muesums and galleries.

There’s the Omara Gallery that contains work by masters like Picasso, Raffelli, Miro, De Chirico, Kandinsky, Matisse, Warholl and many more.

There are galleries showing the many and varied crafts of Japan including weaving for which this city is famous.

Collections of pottery and ceramics from the second century till today. They are wonderfully presented in old warehouses and purpose-built buildings.

The food from the simple canal cafes to resturants is presented and cared for in the same way as the grand masters and its as fresh as tomorrow.

Kurushiki is worth a visit if you’re in Japan.