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Art and Craft

William Morris and the Art and Craft movement has a big following here in Japan judging by the crowds at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art today.

There is much in common I think with Japanese art styles and that movement. The idea of simplicity, design and beauty are common in the works produced by Japanese and promoted by Morris and the Art and Craft movement.

So I’m heading off south tomorrow Wednesday looking to forward to the Okayama / Matsue regions.


88 LED ART St Valentines Day 09

This afternoon I chanced to see some people working on a display by the Shinmachie River. I came back later to see the most beautiful display of lights shimmering on the steps leading down to the river.

It was Valentine’s Day installation naturally focused on love. There was Steinway at which various artists played love songs.

I took a swag of photos and met the artist who created the work. She was from Tokyo and grown up on Takushima. She’d been asked by a local group to do something for Valentine’s Day.

It was remarkable!

That was Saturday Febuary 14

Bizan Summit view

Up here atop the mountain that overlooks Tokushima you get a glimpse of the beauty of Japan. Despite the microwave towers and vending machines in the carpark you can see the wonder of the landscape with it’s pines and cherrys scattered across the hills.

I planned to take the ropecar up here this morning but it was out-of-service so I had this mad idea I would walk up the 280 metre Bizan Summit. Bad/good idea! I’m glad I did it but what a climb, and I wasn’t prepared. But the view is majestic.

Tomorrow I’m going to the Iya Valley and I’ve hired a car, smells of adventure! Matene

Shinjuku morning

Hi there folks I’m in Shinjuku Tokyo. Spent my first night here. Bed comfortable, the room is big enough although the cat keeps hitting the wall. Tonight Australia plays Japan in the football I’ll be a union meeting but they are having a break to watch the game. Everybody is talking about and win or lose Ill be in trouble. I’ll be off to Shikoku by ferry to send two nights in Tokoshima and then maybe Takamatsu. This building is pretty neat I’d say! The air was cold to me yesterday. Glad for jacket. Matene to all