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Killing Rudolph


Beer, very dark in a very big glass


Starters, white fish, smoked salmon, sardines, crispbread, a creamy cheese block


Still water,


Red Argentinien cab sav


Elk, gamey, rare, tough but tasty. Wild mushroom, tough very tasty. Potato, cooked in half it’s jacket, creamy and YUM


As it should be !&


Finnish food

Trudging through the snow today I decided to take a short cut back to waterfront. Well that didn’t work out.

I took instead a detour of some kms in the opposite direction and then promptly did a circuit of that spot! The snow came down heavier and away I went, lost.

The people I spoke to weren’t fluent in Eigo and my Finnish hasn’t progressed much since yesterday. Anyway lost is always fun and eventually I found an angel in the form of an old man who got me on the right track. I started the long march back.

On the way back I was dreaming of lying in a hot bath and getting the aches out of my weary legs. I’m having hotel delusions at the moment like Frank Zappa’s 200 motels I’ve forgotten what’s what.

It was in Japan the bath, in Finland you get the designer shower! No soothing bath I’d grown used to even in the most modest lodging in Japon.

Of course the Finnish shower comes with a choice of shower heads gushing out gallons of water per second. It would make any Australian cringe but this country is two fifths fresh water not counting today’s snow so somehow it doesn’t matter.

Japan is like that too. Loads of the stuff running everwhere into baths and onsens.

That reminds me about Chiiori where Paul told me that in winter they have leave some of the taps running otherwise the pipes freeze up. Then along come the Australians who sometimes stay there. They turn the taps off. Can’t help themselves, gotta save water but wreck the plumbing. Horses for courses.

Tonight I decided to head out to try some local tucker. This time I really consulted the map. I new exactly where I was heading and how to get back, consulted the Lonely Planet and put all the thermals on.

“Finnish Food ” the sign said across the way from the little mermaid statue. So in I went with no Finnish and a hungry stomach.

To be continued.