Nillumbik Shire



2 responses to “Nillumbik Shire

  1. Hi, I came accross your blog searching formy Granfather, Duncan McCallum, who I knew nothing about until the Late 1990’s! Obviously, we are related? My mother, Pearl Elizabth, and her younger sister, Katherine May (my Aunty) never spoke about him. I have a locket with Duncan’s photo in it, which my mother wore in a photo of the family, possibly taken in 1919? ove to hear from you soon. Barbara.

    • Thank you Barbara,

      Your message has touched me deeply. My great grandfather Donald McCallum was Duncan’s brother. I to never knew about him till 2 years ago when my father showed me Duncan’s war record. Donald I think was a pacifist and was deeply hurt at his brother’s death. I found out as much as I could but drew a blank at his family Pearl ? I went to their old house in Lidcome and I knew they called the house Passendale after the place where Duncan was killed in that terrible battle. As you see from the website I visited there 2 years ago. I have always thought about him. I’ll get in touch. Alex

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