Alex’s IceCapade09


Melbourne twilight Welcome to Alex’s IceCapade09

This year I’m heading off to Japan, Finland, France, Belgium and Switzerland for two months. I’ll be immersed in winter in Japan and Finland will be the same. The other places will begin to thaw as I arrive.  So I hope I can upload my thoughts and impressions to this blog while I’m on the track.

On February 9 I hop on the jet from Melbourne and head off to the northern hemisphere for a taste of their winter. My IceCapade09. I will leaving home in the middle of summer to drop into Japan in the dead of winter.

There’s lots to do yet like buy some warm clothing, work out where I want to be and book a room or two. Lots to do and now less 40 days to do it in.

I’ll drop you my email with my travel email address and phone number before I leave. 

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