My first Finnish voice

I just heard my first Finnish spoken! I’m at the departure lounge at Narita and they called the passengers in Finnish. Very nice it sounded. Didn’t understand a thing but I’ve had a month of understanding almost nothing, so situation normal.

The Finnish cabin crew and pilots aren’t prancing about looking to be movie stars, they seem just straight forward and helpful. Everyday people who work on planes flying.

The lunch was chicken in a white mushroom sauce with salada. White wine from South Africa, coffee and chocolate cake. A white bread sandwich later and more kohe.

There’s not much to see, clouds and Russia below and eventually the arctic sea ice if there’s any left these days.

On the flight map we seem to fly a long way north and then sweep down to Helsinki. Maybe Russian airspace isn’t open to FINNAIR.

Wow the landing at Helsinki was unbelievable the city is blanketed in snow and snow ploughs cleared the runway just before the plane came in.

Took a taxi from the airport, couldn’t believe how the cars hurdle along in the snow and driving left hand. The harbour was frozen over too. After checking into hotel went for a long walk into the city. Double Wowy !!

Couldn’t believe the snow falling, people trudging through it and along comes a mother and child. She is walking down the street towing a sled with her 3-4 year old on board.

Not in Australia!


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