A long climb

It’s a long way to the top if you want to look!

The local train takes about three quarters of an hour to reach Bitchu-Takahashie from Kurushiki. Once there, there are a few historical houses and sites to visit on the way including a samuai house that’s in very good order.

A nihongo map with the sights can be found on a rack at the station or there is a small tourist office that caters to locals that may be of some help. There is no bus to the castle and if you don’t want to walk you may catch a taxi at the station.

If not, get ready for a long walk.

A few kms and some of it up 850 metres of steps and climbing.

If you take a taxi it takes you to a bus shuttle location and then up in the small bus and there’s still a fair climb to the castle. It’s unbelievable how they built the castle up there, perched high on Mt. Gagyu in 1240 AD. It’s Japan highest altitude castle.

The birds view of the river and the town below is awesome. Well worth the hike and climb.

Walking all the way down along the track that leads to Takihachi takes you through a national park and the Japanese bushland. A sign indicates that about 20 bird species that inhabit the area.

Back on the outskirts of the town you pass by microhydro water wheels that are turned by tiny canal flows and feed power out to consumers.

Walking back along the streets to the station seems so easy then.

Another Japan


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