Je mata Hagi

I woke to a crystal clear, sunny winter morning overlooking the Sea of Japan. The air temperature is bracing but not freezing as it was in Matsue.

The waves just splash on the shore of this beach as they have for thousands of years. History has seen much here and looking at the samuari walls along the foreshore, the remains of their watchtowers you can feel the stories in your chilled bones.

This morning I’m off to Kurashiki over near Okayama. It’s a long way in time and space. First on the 10:40 local train for 2 hours and one and a bit hours by shinkensen and finally another local train for a bit.

Je Mata to Hagi! Farewell. Soon I’ll be getting my Finland Lonely Planet out for a read.

…………………. Local train turned into local bus and because buses are are subject traffic delays and because of the delay I missed connecting shinkensen. But there’s always another train in Japan. So I ended up going to Hiroshima and then on to Okayama.

From Okayama I changed to the Kirushiki train and commenced 3 days in another Japan. Stay tuned!


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